Setup Your Text To Give Account

Our Church Offers Text to Give and Setting Up Your Giving Account is Simple and Easy!

Pre-Step - If you've already setup an account to give to our church, simply login to your account and provide your Cell Phone number on the account.

Step 1 - Begin a Text Message to our church's Text to Give Number.

Step 2 - Type in a dollar amount that you'd like to give.

Step 3 - If you haven't already setup your phone number on your account, we'll respond with a link to get that account setup.  It will look like the message below: 

"Hey, Thanks for using Text to Give at Our Church.  Since this is your first time, please use the link below to finalize your account setup for text giving. {Your church's link will be provided.}

Once your account setup is complete, send another text with the amount to give and we'll process your gift!"

Step 3 - Click the link provided to setup your account or add your phone number to your existing giving account.

Step 4 - Go back to your text message and enter the dollar amount you'd like to give again, your gift will process simply and easily.

setup text to give with SimplifyGive